NSW Art Gallery


Launching soon is an online NSW art gallery where artists and collectors can display and sell work without traditional geographic limitations. At this art gallery, NSW artists can make themselves known to a far larger market; and NSW collectors can use this new art gallery to display the work they have spent years hoarding, without hauling it to another location.

In traditional terms a NSW art gallery or art museum is building or space for the exhibition of art. Like the artists we wish to display, we have chosen to think laterally and beyond the frame.

In fact, this is a NSW art gallery where artists from anywhere in the world can utilise to display their work. This art gallery takes advantage of the far reaching potential of the Internet to give all artists and collectors a chance to display what they wish to show and sell to the art loving masses.

The Simjen Online NSW Art Gallery for artists and collectors works like this:

1.    Sign up with this new NSW art gallery

2.    Take a clear shot of the work or works to be displayed in the art gallery

3.    Include a relevant artist statement and a description of the work (measurements may be needed)

4.    Allow your work/s the time they need to be perused by art lovers who may not be able to make to an art gallery NSW-wise.

5.    A buyer chooses the work/s and places their order

6.    You are notified

7.    A sale is made via the art gallery

8.    You gain a profit and can feel your work has been sold

No longer will artists be limited by geography, this art gallery ensures new NSW artwork and priceless collections can be viewed by anyone, anywhere.  No more having to go through the effort organising a small exhibition at an out of the way art gallery in NSW very few may ever see.

Share your dedication for art in an art gallery that allows the world to see the visual wonders you have hidden away in NSW. Regardless of whether the work is traditional, modernist, post-modern or contemporary this art gallery can allow those hungry for quality art to discover your NSW works.


For those wishing to own the domain NSW art gallery for their own gallery, it is for sale.

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